Thursday, September 15, 2011

Installing & Enabling PostGIS in Postgres

  1. Check with the stack builder for PostGIS spatial Extension is installed.
  2. Enable to install(if not) and click next. 
  3. Download and install postGIS extension.
  4. Once it is installed check for the database postgis/template_postgis. If any of the above databases is there then that can be used.
  5. Otherwise create a new database manually and execute the sql file which should be located @ <c:\postgresinstallationlocation>\share\contrib\ with the name of postgis.sql.
  6. That database will have two tables called geometry_columns & spatial_ref_sys, some 100s of functions and some trigger functions.
  7. Now using that database as a template, any number of databases can be created with PostGIS enabled.

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